Achieve success, 7 Golden Rules

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Achieve success, 7 golden rules

How to write a Gratitude Journal

Written by Ricky Derisz The daily commitment to taking time to put pen to paper is a way of untangling thoughts, processing emotions, and, of course, acknowledging what you’re grateful for, which leads to a more positive mindset, and to positive things happening in your life. A few prompts is all it takes to start…

Optimism Equals Positivity

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Optimism equals positivity

Reflection on 2022

Read the article on reflection in the free December 2022 online magazine, visit to be directed.


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Understand email marketing better


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Social media post times


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Small business ideas for 2022 and 2023

Advice for small business growth

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Advice for small business growth

5 Tips for Actually Getting Work Done While Traveling

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Work while you travel Article by Sara McCord from 1. Book Wisely Do you know those TV commercials targeted at the people who research every trip on a half-dozen different websites to see if they can save $15 on their hotel room? That’s me.  But, for my recent train trip, I took the Acela.…