Hi Parents,

Just this morning I heard about the LOL dolls news. How could this cute, innocent toys for girls be sold? What’s the intention of this toy maker? My daughter has some of them and for sure we would need to bin them after I investigated her collection and find it in appropriate.

I just feel frustrated that this toy maker made so much money from these dolls, while parents paid for this and now need to explain to their girls why it needs to be binned!

Unfortunately the dolls come in a package as a surprise doll, so much for surprise. Mums, If you wish you can read more on this topic click here.

Toy companies should be sure not to offend anyone with their designs before selling them. We as mums should protect our kids from so much these days like online games, staying healthy during the Covid time, etc. We should not be concerned when we buy a cute doll for our girl to play with, I guess that’s why they call it LOL surprise.

Stay safe, healthy and aware.


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