It has been a long time a did not write on the blog because of the busy life of parenthood, art coach and freelance photographer. In the meanwhile I was also house hunting and that alone takes up a great deal of your daily time. But, I love my life and I love what I do.

Thought it would be great to recap on the last blog to see how everyone whose following my healthy living plan did with their own Transformers (daily essentials in the way you look and feel), Beautifiers (grooming is important to feel beautiful and appreciate your body) and Boosters (mind and body pick me ups, like breathing, life skills, grooming of hands and face).

I must admit, just to stick to these daily plans also takes good time management skills. Since a few months back, I started a Vegetarian diet to detox and just to see how my body reacts to the meat free diet. Some of my friends are Vegetarians for all their lives and some became Vegetarians only a few years back. I got some pretty good advice and support from them and I’m also listening to a lot of podcasts on Vegetarian diets. So far so good, my body feels much lighter and I have less bloated tummy days. My energy levels picked up and I do not yawn all day long any more (only when I feel bored in a joke).

As for Beautifiers I am still working on doing more exercises. I love morning walks but lately all my time went for house hunting and product shoot. I know that exercise give you a feel good boost (endorphins), so I guess I just need to make a better time management daily plan to get that half an hour walk/jog before starting my day.

Boosters were an easy one for me, I started using a facial cream on my recent holiday and found it absolutely amazing. It’s made of grape extracts and I can honestly see the difference in my skin appearance and feel.

In my next blog I will share the names of the products and the blogs I am following. Please share your stories on the daily Transformers, Beautifiers and Boosters, I would love to know.

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