You can be disciplined to create new habits that requires little effort to maintain.

-Over a few weeks you can make a habit stick

-Be consistent with your habit, do it everyday

-Easy does it, start small and build it up over time

-Place reminders to do your habit on a daily basis

-Execute your habit on the same time of the day

-Get help from friends and family to motivate you and tell them about your new habit to stay reminded

-Triggers can help you also to stay on time and track

-If you took away something important to begin your new habit, make sure your new habit is replacing the need.

-It might take some time for your new habit to be perfect, take it easy on yourselves

-Interrupt negative thoughts about new habits with the word ‘but’.

I hope that this article will help you to stay on track (article courtesy of life hack organizations)

Have a lovely day, until tomorrow then.


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