This morning I was listening to a podcast about a freelancer that build her own brand.

Well, as easy as it may seem or sound I know for sure that a building a successful brand will take years.

This podcast was an inspiration to me to have the ‘afraid’ topic for today’s blog.

Why are we afraid? To tell the truth, I am also afraid when I want to start something new. But, sometimes I just need to do it to know if it’s going to work for me.

Many years back I was very interested in personal coaching for teens and teenagers so I started a coaching workshop at the local gym. It was starting to show some profit after a few months of training. I also included photography in these workshops and helped the students to build better confidence.

After a year I decided to focus more on the photography, so I set up a studio and start to practice baby photography on my new born son.

Then one thing led to the other and I am now doing photo shoots for families, models, products, corporates, etc

Seeing that I always was interested in arts and practicing arts in different mediums, it became clear to me to give art sessions to adults and children on a freelance basis. Although these session are not profitable for now, I enjoy watching people create and having fun.

I never felt afraid to do the things that I love to do, maybe it was just the worry if it will be successful.

Thank God that things went in the directions that were meant for me and still going.

Ladies, do what you love and do not be afraid. Challenge yourselves.


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