I recently came across an article about Queen Rania in a Harper’s Bazaar magazine where she explains why she made a conscious decision to be outspoken.

Queen Rania is an inspiration to many women, but especially the Arabian women. I wish I could share the whole article with you but it is a few pages long.

There is one thing that she mentioned in the interview that definitely stood out for me and I quote her saying “the greatest support a women can get is from another successful women who lifts her up and tells her ‘you can dream, you can succeed’.

In the UAE and many other countries there’s a huge ladies expat community. It can be a challenge to adapt to a new way of living for many, but with the support of ladies clubs and networking events it can become easier to adapt to your new lifestyle.

Many ladies all over the world are also in need of support with life challenges like divorce, health, mental etc.

Do whatever you can to positively impact others everyday.

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