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It’s been a long time I haven’t talked about the services the LEC Worldwide offers because I am always focused on how we can serve Ladies out there.

I feel it’s so important to focus on what you are giving to others but also how to grow your own business to make it a success.

The LEC Worldwide have a few social media platforms where we have free advertisements for our members, share stories about new businesses, share discounts and much much more.

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30 Minutes morning break?

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Take a Morning break…

So often life can get too busy and you have lots of things on your mind.

Try to make a new routine and start your morning half an hour earlier by taking a walk, reading a book, say your morning prayer, meditate or write a story. It’s so good for your mental health.

It’s essential to get a good nights rest if you want to wake up earlier. Just try it for yourself, it’s an uplifting experience that might stick for the rest of your life.

Life is precious, we saw it during these past 8 months with COVID-19. Live your life one second at a time, make the best of your day by blessing someone today even if it’s just with a smile on your morning walk, or giving a homeless a bag of groceries.

Anything good is better than Nothing.

I took a morning walk today with my family before school and work, we all felt refreshed and ready for our new day.

Stay safe and enjoy your life.


Founder of the Ladies Enrichment Club Worldwide

PS. Tracy Kennedy shared and interesting article on her website

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Snapshot of Explaining Marketing funnels

If sales is about selling your product to everyone under the sun, marketing is about making that sales cycle easier, which makes the cycle cheaper, which increases your margins.

At the top of your marketing funnel are prospective customers who could potentially find value in your product, but know nothing about it. At the bottom of the funnel are prospective customers ready to sign.

Sometimes marketing is about finding those customers that are most likely to find value of your product. Those folks are already heavy, and you just need to get them into the funnel. Other times marketing is about educating prospective customers already in the funnel so that they grow heavier and begin to sink. Regardless, marketing helps all prospective customers gain a greater understanding of the value of your product.

Ladies, The above article is indeed useful and full of advice for startup entrepreneurs. More on this article to be shared in the follow up blog. You can also follow Joe Procopio

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