How to write a Gratitude Journal

Written by Ricky Derisz The daily commitment to taking time to put pen to paper is a way of untangling thoughts, processing emotions, and, of course, acknowledging what you’re grateful for, which leads to a more positive mindset, and to positive things happening in your life. A few prompts is all it takes to start…

Optimism Equals Positivity

a person doing a thumbs up

Optimism equals positivity

Changing your State of Thought for a more Positive life….

  Ladies, Changing Your State of Thought! -Hold positive dialogue with yourself. During an average day you spend perhaps 100 minutes talking with someone else. If you speak at about the average speed, you say between 10,000 and 20,000 words in a typical day. That may sound a lot, but these 10-20,000 words are only…