Midlife crisis is an issue for many women as well as divorce, loneliness and the list goes on.

The next few weeks you can use the plan to make life more enjoyable by starting a healthy lifestyle like fitness, eating habits, grooming or hobbies.

Investing in yourself will just make you feel better about yourself. Negative feelings and will be something of the past while you become a more calmer person.

Listen to your body and what it tells you, if you stress a lot you will have a long list of health related problems like, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and the list goes on.

In 2015 I had a health scare, and since then I’ve changed my ways and still sometimes go back to the old ways, but then I’m reminding myself of my goals and what I want to achieve with my health and my family’s health.

Decide not to neglect yourself any longer, create your own schedule/daily list with the following topics in mind:

Transformers (daily essentials in the way you look and feel),

Beautifiers (grooming is important to feel beautiful and appreciate your body),

Boosters (mind and body pick me ups, like breathing, life skills, grooming of hands and face).

The last time we talked about a list on strengths and weaknesses. I will name a few of my own which is personal but I would like to share with you also.

My strengths are: I’m always willing to try new challenges in my freelance business, I am a positive thinker, I am a good communicator, I have a ‘can do’ attitude, I am a hard working Mum and freelancer, and my list goes on.

My weaknesses are: things hold me back like housework, etc., I can be over sensitive sometimes to what people say and think of my work, I sometimes let people use my feelings without speaking up for myself, I sometimes feel insecure about freelance projects instead of just trying, I tend to feel I can do more for my family although I know most of my time goes into the household, and the list also goes on.

If I look at my lists, there’s some things that needs attention and I know that it’s needs work.

Did you create your list on strengths and weaknesses?

Next time I write my blog, I will share my schedule with you on my personal transformers, beautifiers and boosters.

Enjoy making and creating your lists, until next time X

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