Who or what do you fear?

Should we always be in this constant race of fear where we cannot simply enjoy life and what it has to offer? Some fears are good, they keep us safe, for example fear of being hit by a car. But some fears are harmful, they can take over our lives.

I pray everyday that Jesus will give me the knowledge to accept the things I cannot change and trust Him to handle my fears. I overcome my fear by focusing on the promises of the Scripture and the power of God.

Kids and adults in our fast paced, competitive, modern world, struggle with fears and most try to sort it out by themselves. Our children’s lives these days are not as easy, some struggles more with peer pressure and they feel the need to be the best in academy, sports, friendships, etc.

If you have a sensitive personality like me, you might tend to fear much more. You need to stay strong and handle your situations by focusing on dealing with your fear factor.

How can you handle fear? Try to focus on the matter and the reason why you have the feeling of fear. Make a list of your fears and next to your fears you make a list of solutions that you feel will be the best way for you to deal with them.

A Positive brain can help you to cope with fear, follow the following exercises:


Stay centered,

Stay active,

Eat and drink well,

Sleep well,

Help others,

Subconscious re-training and inner healing work,

Follow your passion.

I truly hope that you have read something from my blog so far that you can use in a positive way.

Stay true, stay positive


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