Have you ever put a lot of work into something that didn’t work out?

Sometimes it might make you feel like you are a failure, but we do not know what the future holds. God knows how our future looks like.

You should be asking how you can be of service to others, maybe then doors will open for you.

I like to keep my blogs short, because it’s not how much information you read on my blog, it’s what it means to you and how you will use it.

Don’t be stuck where you do not want to be, have the courage to get out of it and start over again.

My religion means a lot to me. I have my morning prayer routine where I will ask Jesus to help me through choices in life, to guide me or to send someone on my way, something Great will come my way.

However you go about with your day, just remember that you are special and you are created beautifully.

Go live your purpose in life.


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