How to save on advertisement costs 2020, simple ideas that work.

Greetings Ladies,

As some of you might know by now, I am the founder of the Ladies Enrichment Club Worldwide and would like to invite women to advertise their businesses, products or services for free on the LEC social media platforms.

Our social media platforms caters Worldwide for anyone that doesn’t have the budget to pay for online advertisement or just need an extra space to advertise. We started Very recently with a Youtube channel and have received many requests to advertise, we are working on publishing videos every week, but we still need more.

I encourage you to become part of this type of advertisement and spread the word to grow this medium. Why should we pay if we can use mediums like this one to advertise. Ask me how.

Why free? Well, I feel the need to support women in business and to help others so we all can grow stronger together. Online advertisements costs a lot and not many of us have the budget to spend during these times. As a photographer and social media influencer I create a space for those that needs to advertise at no cost.

To get more information on free advertisements, you can email

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Make your own mask if you cannot afford to buy one.


(Above Product Image taken from the Ladies Enrichment Club Shop on Redbubble).

Greetings Ladies,

I was busy working on my Ladies Enrichment Club Online Shop on Society6 and realized that there are many people out there that cannot afford to buy masks. During this time we all need to stay safe and healthy and need to use the resources we have and can afford.

Many people are walking around without masks (probably they have a health issue and not wearing a mask), but we all need to respect each other’s health and wellbeing and take care of one another. Kids are going back to school, or attending school and need to be protected always.

Here’s a few links you can checkout to create your own mask, also make sure you use the materials that is safe and effective. I randomly picked a few sites to get mask patterns but if you want to share your pattern with me, please do so and I will post it.

Pleated Face Mask Sewing Pattern with Ties or Elastic – Free Printable

DIY Face Mask Tutorial and Pattern

Face Mask Pattern – DIY Mask in 2 Styles (FREE)


Happy sewing and stay safe.

Ladies Enrichment Club Worldwide